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Jeff Colgan

Energy and International Conflict

January 6, 2021

Jeff D. Colgan and Jan B. Stockbruegger co-wrote a chapter in The Oxford Handbook of Energy Politics entitled, "Energy and International Conflictwhich reviews the ways in which energy has contributed to modern international wars and conflicts.   


Biden focuses on US climate diplomacy with key role for John Kerry (commentary by Jeff Colgan)

November 27, 2020 Financial Times

Jeff Cogan provided commentary in this article, which also cites the Climate Solutions Lab at Watson: "There's so much that a federal government can do on climate change across the various agencies, not just at the state department, or the Treasury or the Environmental Protection Agency, or the Federal Reserve, at all of them...We should not forget how powerful the president can be." 


Asset Revaluation and the Existential Politics of Climate Change

June 30, 2020

In June 2020 Jeff Colgan co-wrote, "Asset Revaluation and the Existential Politics of Climate Change," a piece focused on a dynamic theory of climate politics based on the present and future revaluation of assets that accelerate climate change, such as fossil fuel plants.