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Wendy J. Schiller

The most powerful person in America (comments by Wendy Schiller)

December 14, 2018 U.S. News & World Report

Political Scientist Wendy Schiller offers comments on Nancy Pelosi's political experience and influence in Washington. "She has the political force of character, and she has the temperament and the strategic instincts that come with being very experienced in the Democratic Party leadership."


Primary Concerns (comments by Wendy Schiller)

August 24, 2018 Providence Monthly

Professor Wendy Schiller offered perspective on issues and candidates in the Rhode Island gubernatorial race. "I think there is a broader perception among younger Democrats that government is not working well enough in providing essential basic services..."


Politically energized women running for office in record numbers (comments by Wendy Schiller)

July 9, 2018 The Providence Journal

More female candidates than ever are running for political office in Rhode Island this year. Political scientist Wendy Schiller said the establishment party's endorsement controversy and recent pushback against pay equity, abortion rights and new sexual harassment laws has received stinging national media attention, and outrage among far-left-leaning voters could spur big wins for progressive candidates.