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Narges Bajoghli

Iran Will Never Trust America Again (written by Narges Bajoghli)

May 9, 2018 Foreign Policy

Postdoctoral Fellow Narges Bajoghli draws on her research interviews with members of Iran's Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps to argue that President Trump's decision to throw out the Iran Deal will permanently destroy any trust the country's citizens once had in the U.S. 


Behind the Iran Protests (written by Narges Bajoghli)

January 5, 2018 Jacobin Magazine

Postdoctoral Fellow Narges Bajoghli in Jacobin Magazine, "At the moment, the protests are leaderless, and the slogans vary from demands for economic equity to the freedom of political prisoners to the overthrow of the supreme leader to the downfall of the entire regime."


The genesis of a new Iranian nationalism (written by Narges Bajoghli)

December 15, 2017 Al-Monitor

Postdoctoral Fellow Narges Bajoghly in Al-Monitor, "The new wave of nationalist sentiment is neither happenstance nor the sole result of outside threats such as the Islamic State, the rhetoric of US President Donald Trump or the heated rivalry with Saudi Arabia. 


The last Iranian Americans (written by Narges Bajoghli)

October 3, 2017 Al Monitor

Postdoctoral Fellow Narges Bajoghli in Al Monitor, "If it becomes indefinite — which could very much be the case given the absence of diplomatic relations between Iran and the United States — Travel Ban 3.0 will have severe consequences for the Iranian American community."


Iranian academics hit hard by Trump's travel ban (written by Narges Bajoghli)

February 10, 2017 Al-Monitor

Narges Bajoghli in Al-Monitor, "American universities have been quick to respond. Presidents from the United States’ leading colleges and universities have individually and jointly sent letters to Trump, including a widely publicized letter from 47 university presidents stressing that the executive order threatens American higher education."