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Mark Blyth

Blyth Describes Impact of UK Election

May 8, 2010

"You could hardly have engineered a worse result," Watson Faculty Fellow Mark Blyth told NPR following Thursday’s election in the UK, citing difficulties in forming a new coalition government among the implications. In the runup to the election, Blyth also co-authored an article for Foreign Affairs calling it a referendum on the country’s last 30 years of evolution from a manufacturing economy to a center of global finance. The article “Labour Pains,” concludes that: “Languishing in recession, unable to project force, and unwilling to engage with others, Britain may turn inward and rethink its legacies – institutional and economic, domestic and foreign. The upcoming election is nothing less than a referendum on leaders and policies past. The outcome of that referendum will become the frame for where the United Kingdom will go next.”


Blyth: No Global Sweet Spot for Bank Regulation

February 23, 2010

There is no “global sweet spot” when it comes to determining the right type and level of bank regulation in the wake of the recent financial crisis, according to Institute Faculty Fellow Mark Blyth. And yet, “This one-size-fits-all presumption concerning regulation seems to have been accepted by regulators and commentators as a necessary background condition for reform, swaddled under the idea of fair competition and ‘level playing fields,’” he said in a recently co-authored response on the Financial Times op-ed page.