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Ashutosh Varshney

Watson Professors Receive Ford Foundation Grant

February 21, 2020

In February 2020, Patrick Heller and Ashutosh Varshney received a grant of $200,00 from the Ford Foundation for their ongoing project on Citizenship and Urban Governance in India. The grant will allow them to do research in several Indian cities. 


By numbers alone (Ashutosh Varshney in the Indian Express)

August 19, 2019 The Indian Express

Ashutosh Varshney in the Indian Express, "In short, only in one democratic sense — democracy as a system of electoral power — can the decision to change Kashmir’s status be called potentially legitimate. In all other democratic senses, we have witnessed severely anti-democratic conduct. It was electorally-enabled brute majoritarianism."


Narendra Modi, India's Prime Minister

Democratic ambivalence (written by Ashutosh Varshney)

July 30, 2019 The Indian Express

Professor Ashutosh Varshney in The Indian Express, "Does democracy contain within itself the seeds of its own weakening? Does it have an inner adversary? These questions have long agitated the minds of political thinkers."


India Prime Minister Narendra Modi at the Shanghai Cooperation Organization summit

The Modi Mandate (interview with Ashutosh Varshney)

June 20, 2019 India New England News

In an interview, Professor Ashutosh Varshney discusses India's national elections and Prime Minister Narendra Modi's victory. "As prime minister, Modi styled himself as 'the watchman of the country.'"


Narendra Modi

Transfiguring India (written by Ashutosh Varshney)

May 29, 2019 The Indian Express

Professor Ashutosh Varshney in The Indian Express, "One could suggest that the election verdict was about the electorate’s comparative assessment of Rahul Gandhi and Narendra Modi as leaders, and people chose Modi over Rahul."


Women in India waiting to cast their votes

What goes UP (written by Ashutosh Varshney)

May 15, 2019 The Indian Express

Professor Ashutosh Varshney in The Indian Express, "Instead, one can speak of two sub-waves, one among the upper castes, and another sweeping through the Dalit-Muslim-Yadav communities."


India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi

Young Indians helped put Modi in power. Can he count on them again? (comments by Ashutosh Varshney)

May 6, 2019 The New York Times

Professor Ashutosh Varshney comments on young people's willingness to vote for Narendra Modi in India's election. "In 2014, Modi undoubtedly represented hope...In 2019, Modi represents a mixture of fear and hope — fear that the state would punitively hurt and repress those who dissent and disagree, and hope for those who still think he can take India higher."