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Ashutosh Varshney

Is China meritocratic? (written by Ashutosh Varshney)

July 12, 2018 The Indian Express

Professor Ashutosh Varshney in The Indian Express, "A true meritocracy would place equally meritorious students from rural or urban settings, richer or poorer provinces, on an equal footing...China modifies the principle in the opposite direction. Its quota system gives preference to the privileged."


Denying Nehru his due (written by Ashutosh Varshney)

February 14, 2018 The Indian Express

Professor Ashutosh Varshney in The Indian Express, "Modi is right to say that Nehru alone did not produce India’s democracy. In the Constituent Assembly, there was no great resistance to the idea of universal franchise."


What Gujarat means (written by Ashutosh Varshney)

December 26, 2017 The Indian Express

Professor Ashutosh Varshney in The Indian Express, "As the dust starts to settle, political reactions become clearer, and statistical details recede into the background, it is time to concentrate on the big picture that the recent Gujarat elections present."


Is Narendra Modi a populist? (written by Ashutosh Varshney)

October 23, 2017 The Indian Express

Ashutosh Varshney, Director of the Center for Contemporary South Asia, in The Indian Express, "Modi might still be very popular, but for him, ideology triumphs over governance, civil liberties are less important than political conformity, and enforcement of a Hindu majoritarian politics is more significant than India’s economic ascendancy."


New Research on India’s Democratic Contradictions

September 20, 2017

In "India's Democracy at 70: Growth, Inequality, and nationalism," Ashutosh Varshney, Sol Goldman Professor of International Studies and the Social Sciences, deconstructs the benefits and disadvantages of India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi.


The Nitish echo (written by Ashutosh Varshney)

August 3, 2017 The Indian Express

Ashutosh Varshney, professor of political science, wrote an op-ed about Nitish Kumar's pragmatic choice to enter an alliance with the BJP political party in India and how it might influence other alliances.