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Choices Receives Prestigious Publishing Award

June 26, 2015

On June 3, The Choices Program received the REVERE Award for Social Science/History curriculum for K-12. The award is given by the Association of American Publishers (AAP), the largest US trade association for the consumer, educational, professional, and scholarly publishing industry. 

REVERE Awards are designed to help teachers, parents, and the educational community identify the most effective resources for teaching and learning. All entries are subject to a meticulous judging process in which experienced educators and industry professionals provide useful feedback.

One judge commented, “I was absolutely stunned by the depth and breadth of information the Choices Program encompasses. It is the most inclusive program I have seen. The mix of resources is really incomparable. Each topic is covered with a keen eye, well-researched and unimpeachable sources, and an engaging tone that seeks to make these topics applicable and interesting to today's students. The online resources, including links and videos, were all well thought out choices to align with their respective topics.” 

Drawing on the expertise of Watson faculty, The Choices Program develops curricula on current and historical international issues designed to enrich the way the rising generation thinks about critical international issues.