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Watson Undergraduate Awards, Grants, and Prizes


Watson Internship and Research Grant

  • Emma Blake ’22, International and Public Affairs
    Gender-Based Violence and State-Sponsored Aggression: An Analysis of the Relationship Between Intimate Partner Violence nd State Militarization
  • Erik Brown ’23, International and Public Affairs
    Research and Events Internship, Center on the United States and Europe, Foreign Policy 
  • Zina Dolan ’23, International Relations
    El Camino de Santiago
  • Simon Giordano ’22.5, International Relations
    Supplanting the 21st Century East-Asian Developmental Model onto Challenges in Contemporary Latin America
  • Claire Hodges ’22, Public Policy
    When the Sound of Silence is Lethal
  • Finnian Lowden ’22, Public Policy
    Unlikely Partners: Oil Companies and Environmental Nonprofits
  • Jay Philbrick ’24, International and Public Affairs
    Research Internship at the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (Office of the Investor Advocate)
  • Hannah Ponce ’22, Public Policy
    Braceros and Border Walls: US Guest Worker Programs and Intragroup Conflict Between Mexican American and Mexican Migrant Workers
  • Ariela Rosenzweig ’24, International and Public Affairs
    Peace-Building Research Intern
  • Annie Schwerdtfeger ’23, Cognitive Science and History
    Social Science Works - Summer Intern
  • Spencer Sheppe ’24, International and Public Affairs
    Duke-UNC China Leadership Summit
  • Lucie Smith ’23, International and Public Affairs
    Digital Content Creation Intern at Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development
  • Danny Xu ’23, International and Public Affairs
    Summer Intern: Demographics and Political Economy

Watson Institute Language Study Grant

  • Charlinda Banks '24, International and Public Affairs 

  • Lina Halim '24, International and Public Affairs
  • Olwyn Kells '24, History of Art and Architecture 

  • Charles Key '24, Undeclared
  • James Langan '24, International and Public Affairs
  • Spencer Scheppe '24, International and Public Affairs
  • Salonee Singh '24, International and Public Affairs

Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs Outstranding Thesis Award

  • Hanna Barakat '22 (DS)
    Roots and Routes: Palestinians Navigating Im/mobility and Making Space Amidst Fragmentation
  • Simon Giordano '22.5 (IR: Security)
    Pilot Agencies and the Origins of Late Industrial Development: A Comparative Case Study of Development State Institutions

Jack Ringer Summer in Southeast Asia Fellowship

  • Matthew Loie ’24, International and Public Affairs
    Fellowship in Southeast Asia 

John P Birkelund Fund For Diplomacy

  • Caroline Allen '22, International Relations
    State Department internship with the US Mission to the Human Rights Council
  • Erik Brown '23, International and Public Affairs
    Research Internship, Center on the United States and Europe, Foreign Policy (Brookings) IAPA

  • Zina Dolan '22, International Relations
    Foreign Policy Interrupted Editorial Intern

Mark and Betty Garrison Prize

  • Dylan Moore '22 (IAPA: Security)
    The Exploitative Implications of Gendered Power Inequality: A Framework for Assessing Gendered Vulnerability to Forced Labor

Noah Krieger Award

  • Andrew Steinberg '22 (IAPA: Policy and Governance)
    Tip of the Spear: Deported US Veterans and the Strategic Use of Respectability Politics

Richard C. Barker Award

  • Rose Houglet '23, International and Public Affairs
    Confining Contradictions and Transformative Collaborations at the Intersection of Anti-Trafficking and Prison Abolition with Professor Shih

  • Jack Doughty '23, International and Public Affairs
    The Intersections of Housing, Mass-Incarceration, and Policing — Comparative and Domestic Research Study
  • Selia Jindal '23, International and Public Affairs
    Repairing Global Democratic Erosion & Confronting Domestic Extremism in the US Military by Analyzing the US Mil's Branding

Marla Ruzicka International Public Service Fellowship

  • Ali Martinez ’22, International and Public Affairs
    Research project - Children at the Border: The Effects of U.S. Immigration Policies on the Experiences of Migrant Children

Happy and John Hazen White, Sr. Internship Funding 

  • Caroline Allen ’22, International Relations and History concentrator
    US Mission to the UN Human Rights Council
  • Liam Bendicksen ’22, Public Policy and Public Health concentrator
    SENATE Help Committee
  • Claire Hodges ’22, Public Policy and French Studies concentrator
    The Sabin Center for Climate Change at Columbia University
  • Saoirse Maher Greene ’21, Independent Concentration in Social Trauma Studies
    Rhode Island for Community & Justice
  • Margherita Micaletti-Hinojal ’23, Political Science and Philosophy concentrator
    Refugee Representation Division of Human Rights First
  • Bailee Peralto ’21, Public Policy concentrator
    Mental Health Association of Rhode Island
  • Emily Reed ’22, Public Policy and Africana Studies concentrator
    Bud to Blossom Project
  • Emery Shelley ’22, International and Public Affairs and Computer Science concentrator
    Rhode Island Center for Justice
  • Gina Sinclair ’22, International Relations and History concentrator
    United States Department of State and International Crisis Group
  • Andrew Steinberg ’22, International and Public Affairs concentrator
    Legal Services Center's Safety Net Project at Harvard Law School

Sarmiento Fellowships

  • Juan Pedro Ronconi, Economics
  • Santiago Hermo, Economics


Honors in DS

  • Hannah Barakat ’22

Honors in IAPA

  • Gabrielle Agnew ’22
  • Emma Blake ’22
  • Marzia Giambertoni ’22
  • Alexandra Martinez ’22
  • Eamon McKeever ’22
  • Deborah Meirowitz ’22
  • Dylan Moore ’22
  • Leonardo Moraveg ’22
  • Annika Prinz ’22
  • Andrew Steinberg ’22
  • Jillian Talenda ’22
  • Nicole Tsung ’22
  • Hannah Yazdani ’22

Honors in IR

  • Michael Chen ’22
  • Simon Giordano ’22.5
  • Lachlan MacKenzie ’22
  • Anna Susini ’22
  • Yue Yue Teng ’22

Honors in PLCY

  • Johanna Bandler ’22.5
  • Isabelle Beckwith ’22
  • Liam Bendicksen ’22
  • Lauren Fung ’22
  • Claire Hodges ’22
  • Finnian Lowden ’22
  • Hannah Ponce ’22


Public Policy Capstone Prizes

  •  Best Reflection Essay: Lara Kosar ’22 for Hey, Save Some Housing for the Rest of Us! One Small Non-Profit's Small Victories
  •  Best Policy Brief: Shira Small ’22 for, Magnet Schools in the Providence Public School District: Ameliorating or Exacerbating Inequality
  •  Best Capstone on Law & Public Policy: Abigail Barton ’22 for, Renting in Rhode Island: Explaining and Exploring Tenant Rights in RI
  •  Most Original Policy Capstone: Jack Stebbins ’22 for, The Fax: A Comedy Pilot on Entertainment Journalism

Academic Excellence in IAPA

  • Jamila Beesley ’22
  • Joyce Lee ’22
  • Maria Zou ’22
  • Robert Combs ’22
  • Dylan Moore ’22
  • Daviana Perez ’22
  • Alexandra Martinez ’22
  • Rachel Yan ’22
  • Emily Reed ’22
  • Abigail Barton ’22
  • Liam Bendicksen ’22
  • Trevor Labuda ’22
  • Whitney Yu ’22
  • Claire Hodges ’22

Academic Excelence in IR

  • Duncan Grant ’22
  • Yue Yue (Emily) Teng ’22
  • Kamran King ’22
  • Emma Blake ’22

Academic Excellence in DS

  • Hannah Barakat ’22

CCSA Undergraduate Paper Prize

  • Aryan Srivastava ’22
    Hate at Scale: Elections, Leader Identity and Hate Speech in Rural Uttar Pradesh
    *Co-authored by Aarushi Kalra & Saket Tiwari
  • Catherine Nelli ’22
    Krishna Drinking Flames: A Kaṅgra Painting of the Bhāgavata Purāṇa
  • Leo Fleissig ’22
    The Story of Ekalavya: an Embodiment of Hopelessness or a Beacon of Hope

CCSA Thesis Prize in South Asian Studies

  • Jamila Beesley ’22
    The Architects of the Solutions They Need: Dalit Feminism in the U.S. Caste Abolition Movement
  •  Lavanya Krishnan ’22
    The Politics of Privatisation in India
  • Akshaan Parikh ’22
    Let Us Alone to Die: Plague Camps in Bombay City, 1896–1902

CLACS Dissertation Awards

  • Lauren Deal ’22, Department of Anthropology

  • Melanie White ’22, Department of Africana Studies 

LACA Thesis Awards

  • Nell Salzman '22, Department of English and CLACS concentrator

Pre-Dissertation Field Research in Latin America Grant

  • Augusta da Silveiera, Department of History 
  • Débora Duque, Department of Political Science 
  • Jay Loomis, Department of Music 
  • Alexandria Miller, Department of Africana Studies