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"...the fate of Ukraine will determine that of the rest of Europe and have a major effect on the rest of the world, including the United States."

Omer Bartov

Trending Topics: Russian Invasion of Ukraine

Watson experts offer insight and analysis on the Russia-Ukraine war: 

J. Brian Atwood:

Contact: j_brian_atwood@brown.edu

Dany Bahar:

Contact: dany_bahar@brown.edu
Twitter: @dany_bahar

Omer Bartov:

Contact: omer_bartov@brown.edu

Jeff Colgan:

Contact: jeff_colgan@brown.edu
Twitter: @JeffDColgan

Lyle Goldstein:

Contact: lyle_goldstein@brown.edu
Twitter: @lylegoldstein

Michael Kennedy:

Contact: michael_kennedy@brown.edu
Twitter: @Prof_Kennedy

Learn more about how Michael Kennedy, Tony Levitas, and other Rhode Island educators are raising money for medical supplies for Ukraine >

Stephen Kinzer:

Contact: stephen_kinzer@brown.edu
Twitter: @stephenkinzer

Patsy Lewis:

Contact: patsy_lewis@brown.edu

Prerna Singh:

Contact: prerna_singh@brown.edu
Twitter: @Prof_PSingh

Ashutosh Varshney:

Contact: ashutosh_varshney@brown.edu
Twitter: @ProfVarshney