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Graduate Opportunities

Center for Middle East Studies Graduate Teaching Assistant

The Center for Middle East Studies invites applications from advanced doctoral candidates in the humanities and social sciences at Brown University to help teach MES's foundational course MES 0100: The Middle East: Cultures and Societies.  We are looking for a graduate student familiar with political and/or cultural aspects of the Middle East (expansively defined), in any period (from ancient to modern). This graduate teaching appointment will be for one semester in spring 2020.

China Initiative Award for Graduate Language Study

China Initiative Awards for Graduate Language Study support summer East Asian (Chinese, Japanese, or Korean) language study for doctoral candidates in any discipline in the humanities or social sciences at Brown whose primary research focus is China.

China Initiative Graduate Research Awards

China Initiative Graduate Research Awards support research by doctoral candidates whose focus of study is China. The awards support archival, library, and on-site field research in Mainland China or Taiwan. In exceptional cases, the awards might be used to support archival or library research in other East Asian countries with collections relevant to the topic.

GPD Fellowship 

The Watson Institute’s Graduate Program in Development (GPD) is for a period of one year, although students are expected to stay active in the program beyond their fellowship year. The fellowships are supported by the Watson Institute and the Dean of the Faculty.

India Initiative Student Fellowship

Graduate funding can be used for three purposes: research, internships, and language training.  Proposals for either exploratory or advanced dissertation research will be considered. The first will cover the early years of graduate program; the second will facilitate completion of the dissertation.  Internships will be with projects underway at partner institutions, some of these could include Janaagraha (Bangalore), Centre for Public Policy Research (Delhi), Centre for the Study of Developing Societies (Delhi), Center for Studies in Social Sciences, (Kolkata), National Council of Applied Economic Research (Delhi), Centre for Policy Indian Institute of Management (Bangalore).  Language training will be for accelerated programs of language instruction. (American Institute of Indian Studies (Delhi) can assist in locating a center for specific language training.)  
Other creative ideas are also welcome.  

Middle East Studies Research Travel Award

Research Travel Awards up to $1,000 are available for undergraduates, and up to $1,500 for graduates. Travel is not limited to the Middle East, however, applicants must be conducting research in Middle East Studies. Priority will be given to students using the funds towards research for the senior Capstone or Honors Thesis.

The South Asian Studies Student Fellowship

The South Asian Studies Student Fellowship supports a graduate or undergraduate summer project related to any region of South Asia outside of India (funding for India projects is available through the Brown-India Initiative.) The South Asian Studies Fellowships supports student research interests in Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Sri Lanka. Projects may include research, an internship, a language learning program or a combination thereof.