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Jeff Colgan

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Jeff Colgan

Director of Climate Solutions Lab; Director of Security Studies
Richard Holbrooke Associate Professor of Political Science and International and Public Affairs


Jeff D. Colgan is the Richard Holbrooke Associate Professor in the Department of Political Science and Watson Institute for Public and International Affairs at Brown University. His research focuses on international order, especially as related to energy and the environment.

His book, Petro-Aggression: When Oil Causes Warwas published in 2013 by Cambridge University PressHe has published work in International Organization, Foreign Affairs, World Politics, International Security and elsewhere. He also occasionally blogs at the Monkey Cage and Foreign Affairs. On Twitter, he is @JeffDColgan

Professor Colgan previously taught at the School of International Service of American University 2010-2014, and was a Fellow at the Woodrow Wilson International Center for Scholars in Washington DC in 2012-13.  He completed his Ph.D. at Princeton University, and was a Canada-US Fulbright Scholar at UC Berkeley, where he earned a Master’s in Public Policy.  Dr. Colgan has worked with the World Bank, McKinsey & Company, and The Brattle Group.


International Political Economy

Geopolitics of Oil and Energy



Petro-Aggression: When Oil Causes War (Cambridge University Press 2013)
The Promise and Peril of International Trade (Broadview Press 2005)

Selected Blog Posts

New evidence on gender bias in IR syllabi (Duck of Minerva)
From West Texas to the World (Foreign Affairs.com)
How sectarianism shapes Yemen's war (Monkey Cage / Washington Post)
Petro-aggression: how Russia's oil makes war more likely (Monkey Cage / Washington Post)
OPEC, the Phantom Menace (Monkey Cage / Washington Post)
40 years after the oil crisis: could it happen again? (Monkey Cage / Washington Post)

Published Articles

"Climate Change and the Politics of Military Bases," Global Environmental Politics, vol. 18, no. 1, pp. 33-51, (2018).
"Review of _Over the Horizon_ by David Edelstein," H-Diplo, vol. 10, no. 12, 04/25/2018, Book Review, Published.
"Climate Change Will Further Complicated the Politics of U.S. Military Bases," New Security Beat, 02/19/2018, Non-Peer Reviewed, Published.
"The climate is changing. Here's how politics will also change.," Washington Post/MC, 10/08/2018, Non-Peer Reviewed, Published.
"Saudi Arabia hinted at a U.S. oil embargo. It's not 1973.," Washington Post/MC, 10/16/2018, Non-Peer Reviewed, Published.
"Qatar will leave OPEC. Here's what this means.," Washington Post/MC, 12/10/2018, Non-Peer Reviewed, Published.
"The Market is Valuing Climate Risk All Wrong," Global Policy, 07/05/2018, Non-Peer Reviewed, Published.
"Where is IR going? Evidence from graduate training" IR syllabi - Colgan ISQ (forthcoming)
"Revolutions, Personalist Dictatorships, and International Conflict" Colgan and Weeks-2015.pdf
"Oil, Domestic Conflict, and Opportunities for Democratization" Colgan 2015 JPR.pdf
"The Emperor Has No Clothes: The Limits of OPEC" Colgan-OPEC - 2014.docx 
"Mechanisms of informal governance: Evidence from the IEA" [journal page]
"Oil, Domestic Politics, and International Conflict" Colgan - 2014 - ERSS.pdf
"Fueling the Fire: Pathways from Oil to War" Colgan - 2013 - IS.pdf
"Domestic Revolutionary Leaders and International Conflict" Colgan - 2013 - World Politics.pdf 
"Protecting Sovereignty, Protecting the Planet" Green and Colgan 2013 - Final.pdf 
"Measuring Revolution" Colgan - 2012 - CMPS.pdf
"Punctuated Equilibrium in the Energy Regime Complex" Colgan et al. - 2011 - RIO.pdf
"Venezuela and Military Expenditure Data" Colgan - 2011 - JPR.pdf
"Oil and Resource-Backed Aggression" Colgan - 2011 - Energy Policy.pdf
"Oil and Revolutionary Governments: Fuel for International Conflict" Colgan - 2010 - IO .pdf 
"The International Energy Agency - Challenges for the 21st Century" Colgan 2009 - GPPi_PP6_IEA_final.pdf

News|Recent News

Biden's Climate Report Card: 4 A's, 2 B's, 3 Incompletes

June 3, 2021

Jeff D. Colgan and co-authors Thomas N. Hale (University of Oxford) and Scott M. Moore (University of Pennsylvania) recently published, "Biden's Climate Report Card: 4 A's, 2 B's, 3 Incompletes," in Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists


Biden at 100 Days: A Climate Foreign-Policy Scorecard

April 27, 2021

Jeff D. Colgan and co-authors Thomas N. Hale (University of Oxford) and Scott M. Moore (University of Pennsylvania) recently published "Biden @ 100 DAYS: A Climate Foreign-Policy Scorecard," which examines the current administration's actions and commitment to reorienting U.S. foreign policy to meet the climate challenge.


Energy and International Conflict

January 6, 2021

Jeff D. Colgan and Jan B. Stockbruegger co-wrote a chapter in The Oxford Handbook of Energy Politics entitled, "Energy and International Conflictwhich reviews the ways in which energy has contributed to modern international wars and conflicts.   


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