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Anthony Levitas

Anthony Levitas

+1 401 863 9197
111 Thayer Street, Room 219

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Anthony Levitas

Policy & Governance Track Director, Undergraduate International and Public Affairs Concentration
Director, Undergraduate Public Policy Concentration
Senior Fellow in International and Public Affairs


For the last twenty years, Tony Levitas has been providing analytical and political advice on local government reform to elected officials and civil servants in post-communist Europe. In general, he helps policy makers decide what responsibilities sub-national governments should have and where they should get the money to pay for them. In particular, he provides support in designing predictable, adequate, and equitable transfer systems; in developing sound rules for local government taxation, budgeting, investment planning, and financial reporting; and in creating and regulating municipal debt markets. He has also worked extensively on school management and finance. Tony has been instrumental in developing and implementing local government reform programs in Poland, Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Albania. He has also worked in Ukraine, Turkey, Mongolia, Georgia and Armenia. In Poland, where has lived for most of the past two decades, he has been deeply involved with the decentralization of primary and secondary education and until recently served as Research Director of the Ministry of Education's Local Government School Management unit.


Currently working on what the success of local government reform in Poland tells us about the usefulness of the literature on "fiscal federalism" for governance reform in "transitional" and "developing" countries.

With the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation, working on community based strategies to improve local tax compliance in the Balkans. Currently developing an action research strategy designed to help mayors engage local notables in efforts to improve own revenue collection.

Examining the impact of the world-wide movement towards centrally administered Value Added Taxes on intergovernmental fiscal relations and subnational "transfer dependency."

Current Projects

Fiscal Decentralization Indicators for South-East Europe


Wokół strategii oświatowych: Polskie i amerykańskie debaty o strategicznych problemach edukacji, (Education Strategy: Polish and American debates over strategic problems in eduaction policy) in Anthony Levitas (ed) Strategie oświatowe, Biblioteczka Oświaty Samorzadowy, Uniwersytet Warszawski, (Warsaw, 2012) pp. 241-310

Regulating the Repayment of Government Debt in FBiH: Issues and Possible Solutions, (USAID/GAP2 Project, May 2012) pp. 1-12

Fiscal Decentralization Indicators for South-East Europe, Network of Associations of Local Authorities of South East Europe (NALAS) (Skopje, 2012) pp. 1-52

Too Much of a Good Thing? Own Revenues and the Political Economy of Intergovernmental Finance Reform: The Case of Albania, IDG Working Paper, Urban Institute, July 2011, pp. 1-26.

Sustainability Strategy for the Local Administrative Reform II Project in Turkey, (UNDP/Turkey, Ankara, July 2011. pp. 1-29

The Effects of the Suspension of the Law on Local Government Finance on the Revenue and Expenditure Behavior of Local Governments in Serbia: 2007-2009, IDG Working Paper, Urban Institute, October 2010, pp 1-28 and Serbian Quarterly Economic Monitor (Winter 2010)

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