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Jori Breslawski

Postdoctoral Fellow in International and Public Affairs


Jori is a postdoctoral fellow at the Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs. After completing her fellowship at the Watson Institute, she will begin her appointment as Assistant Professor of Political Science at Tel Aviv University. Jori received her PhD in Political Science from University of Maryland in May 2020, where her research focused on political violence, rebel governance, and civilian agency in war. Her book project investigates the strategic motivations of armed groups to collaborate with humanitarian organizations to deliver aid to civilians in war.


Jori’s research lies at the intersection of international relations and comparative politics, and engages with topics of rebel governance, civilian agency in war, transnational networks, and aid in conflict. Her research uses a mix of quantitative and qualitative methods to investigate a wide array of questions in political violence, leveraging survey experiments, interviews, and statistical analysis to examine these topics.

Jori’s book project investigates the strategic motivations of armed groups to collaborate with humanitarian organizations to deliver aid to civilians living inside rebel-held territory. She is also working on a number of collaborative projects that address intolerance, violence, and conflict prevention. Her research has been published in a number of top journals including the Journal of Conflict Resolution and International Interactions, and has been funded by the Smith Richardson Foundation and the Global Religion Research Initiative, among others. 



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[4] Breslawski, Jori (Forthcoming). “Keeping Armed Actors Out: The Protective Effect of Shuras in Afghanistan”. Journal of Global Security Studies. 

[3] Breslawski, Jori (Forthcoming). “In the Spotlight: How International Attention Affects Militant Behavior”. Terrorism and Political Violence. 

[2] Breslawski, Jori, & David Cunningham. “International Influences on Nonviolent and Violent Contention”. International Interactions, 45.4 (2019): 638-665.

[1] Breslawski, Jori, and Brandon Ives. "Killing for God? Factional Violence on the Transnational Stage." Journal of Conflict Resolution 63.3 (2019): 617-643.  



Political Violence (Summer 2020)

Dynamics of Conflict & Conflict Resolution (Winter 2020, Winter 2019)

International Political Relations (Summer 2019)

Human Rights (Summer 2017)


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