Watson Institute at Brown University
Public Policy


To complete a concentration in public policy, 2 electives must be policy-designated, meaning courses within the Public Policy department or from the following list of approved classes. All electives must be courses related to policy areas, but they do not necessarily need to be in the Policy department. All three broad electives must be in different subject areas.

Course No Course Title
AFRI 1100C Slavery and Empire in the United States
AFRI 1270 Slavery, Democracy, and Racial Violence in the Americas
ANTH 1242 Bioethics and Culture
ANTH 1301 Anthropology of Homelessness
ANTH 1315 Race, Racialization, and Health
ANTH 1911 Gender and Sexuality in the Middle East
BIOL 1530 Emergency Medical Systems: An Anatomy of Critical Performance
BIOL 1555 Methods in Informatics and Data Science for Health
CLPS 1250 Human Factors
CLPS 1271 Cognition in the Classroom: Seminar in the Science of Teaching and Learning
CSCI 1800 Cybersecurity and International Relations
CSCI 1951I CS for Social Change
ECON 1110 Intermediate Microeconomics
ECON 1130 Intermediate Microeconomics (Mathematical)
ECON 1170 Welfare Economics and Social Choice Theory
ECON 1210 intermediate Macroeconomics
ECON 1350 Environmental Economics and Policy
ECON 1385 Intergenerational Poverty in America
ECON 1410 Urban Economics
ECON 1430 The Economics of Social Policy
ECON 1440 The Economic Analysis of Political Behavior
ECON 1630 Mathematical Econometrics I
EDUC 1300 Schools as Sites of Social Welfare: An Exploration of the Role of Social Workers in Schools
EDUC 1615 Introduction to Community-Based Participatory Research in Education
ENVS 1350 Environmental Economics and Policy
ENVS 1547 Finance and the Environment
ENVS 1555 Urban Agriculture: The Importance of Localized Food Systems
HIST 1531 Political Movements in Twentieth-Century America
HIST 1972J Racial Capitalism and US Liberal Empire
HIST 1977I Gender, Race, and Medicine in the Americas
IAPA 1200 Foundations of Security
IAPA 1402 Beyond Sun, Sea and Sand: Exploring the Contemporary Caribbean
IAPA 1403 / DEVL 1874 Development's Visual Imaginaries
IAPA 1500A Ethnographic Research Methods
IAPA 1700A/PLCY 1200 Program Evaluation
IAPA 1700B Modes of Social Change
IAPA 1700D/PLCY 1700M Law and Public Policy
IAPA 1700E/PLCY 1700V Non Profit
IAPA 1804B Global Megaprojects
IAPA 1804 Diplomacy, Crisis, War in the Modern Era
IAPA 1804N Democracy and Capitalism in the Post-colonial World
IAPA 1804L Africa’s Colonization in Comparative Perspective
PHP 1610 Tobacco, Disease and the Industry: cigs, e-cigs and more
PHP 1650 Race, Racism and Health
PHP 1820 Designing Education for Better Prisoner and Community Health
PHP 1854 The Epidemiology and Control of Infectious Diseases
POLS 1130 The American Presidency
POLS 1170 Constitutional Law: Individual Rights
POLS 1225 The Politics of Nuclear Weapons
POLS 1265 Political Institutions of East Asian Democracies
POLS 1280 Politics, Economy and Society in India
POLS 1310 African American Politics
POLS 1435 Politics of Climate Change
POLS 1440 Security, Governance and Development in Africa
POLS 1500 The International Law and Politics of Human Rights
POLS 1600 Political Research Methods
POLS 1820F Black Protest: Theory and Praxis
POLS 1820R Extralegal Governance and the Problem of Social Order
POLS 1820X Democratic Erosion
POLS 1821I Issues in Democratic Theory
POLS 1821N Political Journalism
POLS 1822I Geopolitics of Oil and Energy
POLS 1824C Political Communication
POLS 1825E Health Care Politics and Policy
SOC 1490 Power, Knowledge and Justice in Global Social Change
SOC 1873F Feminist Perspectives in Criminal Justice
SOC 1873G The Geography of Urban Inequality
URBN 1870M Urban Regimes in the American Republic