Watson Institute at Brown University
Public Policy

Declaring Public Policy

  1. Refer to our concentration requirements page and then fill out the concentrator's worksheet. Don't forget to include the courses you have taken and those you would like to take to fulfill the requirements.

  2. Schedule an appointment to meet with Undergraduate Programs Manager Anita Nester during her office hours. At the meeting, you will discuss your concentration plans (an override will be issued at this meeting). 

  3. Declare your concentration using the online declaration process. Log in to ASK and then click on the "Declarations" tab. This will give you entrance to the necessary information. Note: If you have not obtained an override code in step 3, you will not be able to begin the declaration process in ASK.

  4. Once finalized, the department will approve the concentration plan online using ASK. If there are questions, we will contact you.