Watson Institute at Brown University
Public Policy


1. For seniors graduating this Spring, the final date for the submission of Capstones is Friday, April 23rd, 2021–the last day of exams. Seniors graduating this fall should submit their capstone no later than Friday, December 11th. Early submission, however, is encouraged, not least because it will greatly facilitate determining Capstone Awards and Prizes.

2. Capstones should be submitted electronically to your concentration advisor, as well as to Anita Nester and Tony Levitas.

3. All submissions should have a cover page containing the following information:

  • Name of the author
  • Title of the work
  • 150-word abstract (Please edit these carefully because they will be published in a booklet for graduation)
  • Name of capstone advisor
  • Acknowledgement of any funding you received in support of the project
  • The following pledge, with signature and date:

I have read and understood Brown University’s Academic Code and pledge that this capstone project fully respects the principles of academic integrity defined in the code, including that the research conducted for it was carried out in accordance with the rules defined by the University’s Institutional Review Board for research involving human subjects.

  • One of the two following agreements, with signature and date:

I agree that my capstone project can be made available to the Brown Community for didactic purposes.
I agree that my capstone project can be made available to both the Brown Community and the general public for didactic and research purposes.

4. There will be a Capstone Fair in late March or early April. Tony will announce the date at the beginning of next semester. Students who want to present their work at the Fair will be able to do so even if they haven’t submitted their final projects.

5. Awards for the Best Capstone Policy Memo/Research Paper ($500) and Best Capstone Reflection Essay ($250) will be made at commencement.

last updated: 11/23/20