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Patrick Heller, advisor on the 2013-14 India Exclusion Report, discusses the recently released report

April 29, 2015

The Watson Institute has convened a workshop of academic and policy experts to evaluate the recently released India Exclusion Report 2013-14. The report, a collaborative effort coordinated by the Centre for Equity Studies in Delhi involving many researchers and institutions, including Brown, is an annually produced analysis on the exclusion of disadvantaged groups in India. Its aim is to inform policy makers with a view to fostering more inclusive forms of development policy. Speaking of Watson's involvement, Harsh Mander, the director of the Centre for Equity Studies, notes, "It is critical that the report answer to the highest standards of research and analysis, and that we get feedback from a range of academic specialists. With its focus on governance and development and its strengths in India, the Watson Institute is the ideal platform."

According to Patrick Heller, professor of sociology and international affairs and an adviser on the India Exclusion Report 2013-14, "This report is a path-breaking effort to provide reliable and systematic data and analysis on patterns of social exclusion in India. By exposing the ways in which policies across areas as diverse as education, health, employment and urban planning are failing to include the most marginalized and the most vulnerable, the report can serve as a vital resource for policy and opinion-makers alike." 

Read the full report