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The United Nations’ Actions and Sanctions: A New Book Co-edited by Sue Eckert

March 22, 2016

A new book edited by Watson Senior Fellow Sue Eckert offers a look into the international sanctions that policymakers are using to deal with challenges around the globe.

Sue Eckert Book

The first of its kind, Targeted Sanctions: The Impacts and Effectiveness of United Nations Action, analyzes the Targeted Sanctions Consortium's two new databases (one qualitative and one quantitative) to provide a comprehensive analysis of sanctions imposed by the UN since the end of the Cold War. Organized around comparisons between cases, it introduces two analytical innovations while examining the effectiveness of these international sanctions.

The book will be available later this month, March 2016, and is being published by the Cambridge University Press.

"This timely book provides a comprehensive review of UN sanctions and raises important questions about their effectiveness. I hope that policy makers will review the valuable lessons of experience put forward in this book when they consider any future sanctions regimes."
-Former UN Secretary-General Kofi Annan