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Globalizing Knowledge and Nationalisms’ Reactions in the Articulation of Universities

February 6, 2023

Global Perspectives

Professor Michael Kennedy recently authored an article titled, "Globalizing Knowledge and Nationalisms’ Reactions in the Articulation of Universities" for Global Perspectives published by University of California Press. 

Universities consecrate powers with an aura that goes beyond specific claims to refined understandings. They may invoke divine authorities, transcendent truths, and/or cosmopolitan ambitions. They can legitimate national powers with intellectual justifications and investments in human capital. Rather than consider universities as institutions with essential qualities, however, it seems most useful to approach them with articulations in mind, and even as method. By contrasting two volumes—Frank and Meyer (2020) and Douglass (2021)—we can see more clearly how articulations matter, especially when we wish not only to deploy contrasts of contexts or parallel demonstrations of theory but also to ask how the struggle for academic freedom and seeking justice might be joined.