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William R. Rhodes Center Honors Thesis Grants

The William R. Rhodes Center is keen to further the education of our students in our core research areas. To that end the center will establish a grants program for students pursuing an honors thesis or final year capstone project in areas germane to the Center. Please check back for details. 

Upcomming Graduate Opportunities

Rhodes Center Proctorship

Each year the Rhodes Center Proctorship offers an advanced doctoral student the opportunity to spend the academic year (Fall and Spring semesters) conducting research and organizing programming pertaining to international economics, finance, and their relationship, historically and in the contemporary moment, to politics, culture, and human welfare. The William R. Rhodes Center for International Economics and Finance at the Watson Institute is particularly interested in applicants who have aptitude for, and interest in, interdisciplinary work and translating specialized academic inquiry for the consumption of a broader public audience. Applicants should be in the final stage of a dissertation pertaining to topics within the purview of the Rhodes Center. 


The proctor will participate in the intellectual life of the Center more broadly (attending Rhodes sponsored talks, seminars, and workshops) and will develop, in consultation with the Director, Professor Mark Blyth, a set of initiatives to promote the academic goals of the Center on campus and beyond. Working closely with the Center’s Director, the proctor will play a lead role in organizing conferences and workshops that the Rhodes Center will host during the proctorship period. An interest in podcasting and related media applications would be advantageous. While in residence at the Rhodes Center, the proctor will also be assigned a mentor from among the Center’s Faculty Affiliates, who will provide guidance on professional opportunities and feedback on the proctor’s research. 

Proctorship activities will average up to 10 hours/week, with an additional 10 hours/week dedicated to the student’s research progress. The student is required to provide feedback on the experience through the Proctorships Experience Survey administered at the end of each semester. 


Doctoral students in the Humanities and Social Sciences who will be in year five or six in 2020-2021 and who are in the final stage of a dissertation pertaining to topics within the purview of the Rhodes Center are eligible to apply. Students who are externally funded are not eligible. 

Funding and Award

Stipend for Fall and Spring semesters, tuition, health insurance, dental insurance and coverage of the health services fee are provided by the Graduate School and the Rhodes Center.

Application Process:

  • Applications open in the Spring of each year. (date to be announced)
  • Statement of Interest in the position (1 page or maximum 2-page statement) that describes how the proctorship will support your academic and professional goals.

  • Current CV/resume

  • Short message of support from your Director of Graduate Studies and from your Faculty Research Advisor (these should be sent as an email directly to Graduate_Dean@brown.edu)

Applicants should send above items as one pdf document to the Graduate School at Graduate_Dean@brown.edu. The DGS and Faculty messages of support should be sent separately also to Graduate_Dean@brown.edu

Students with additional questions about this proctorship can contact Mark Blyth (Mark_Blyth@brown.edu).