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Narendar Pani

Professor at School of Social Sciences & National Institute of Advanced Studies
Adjunct Faculty at the Indian Institute of Science,

+91 988 602 5957


Narendar Pani is Professor, School of Social Sciences, National Institute of Advanced Studies, and Adjunct Faculty at the Indian Institute of Science, both at Bangalore. An economist by training, he has worked in both academic and media institutions, including Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore and The Economic Times. Dr. Pani has, over the last three decades, written extensively on a variety of subjects. He is the author of Inclusive Economics: Gandhian Method and Contemporary Policy and Redefining Conservatism: An Essay on the Bias of India’s Economic Reform, and Reforms to Pre-empt Change: Land Legislation in Karnataka. He has also published a number of academic articles in India and abroad. He is also the author of an analysis of the WTO, two novels, a booklet on theatre, and several hundred articles in the editorial pages of newspapers.

Pani was a visiting scholar at Brown University from March to May 2014.