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Margaret Weir

The Rising Challenge of Poverty in the Suburbs

Margaret Weir, Brown University

Published by Scholars Strategy Network

Suburbs are viewed as filled with middle-income home-owning families. But as Margaret Weir explains, more than forty percent of poor people now live in suburbs or declining small cities — where social services and transportation fail to meet their most pressing needs. Read Weir's issue brief here.

Learn more about Margaret Weir – and her current work comparing metropolitan politics and policies in Atlanta, Chicago, and Phoenix. Weir has done research on many aspects of U.S. social policy, and writes about ways to build resilient regional networks that combine governmental and nonprofit efforts to support people in need. She is civically active in the UC Berkeley Labor Center and the Poverty and Race Research Action Center. Margaret Weir is co-director, with Paul Pierson, of the Bay Area SSN regional network.

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