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Study of Educational Standards

Project Description

The Common Core State Standards initiative and related college and career readiness standards represent historic initiatives with potential long-term implications for educational disparities and for the organization of the American educational sector. Launched in 2008 by Achieve, Inc., the National Governors’ Association (NGA) and the Council of Chief State School Officers (CCSSO), the Common Core State Standards Initiative strives for national standards to help redress fundamental and enduring disparities in educational opportunities and student achievement through

  1. the adoption common academic standards for students;
  2. leveraging state powers to align instructional materials, assessments, and professional development to these standards; and
  3. using policy instruments such as accountability, intervention, and capacity-building to ensure consistently high student achievement of the standards in all local jurisdictions.

Our multi-institutional, multi-year approach to understanding the rise, spread, and use of college and career readiness standards seeks to identify:

  • how state and local school systems and interested non-governmental organizations are approaching the problem of standards-aligned instructional improvement;
  • the organizational and contextual features that differentially position states, districts, and teachers to make use of assistance to develop and use coherent designs for standards-aligned instruction;
  • the roles that economic and other inequalities play in responses to the college and career readiness standards.

Brown University Education Standards Research Team

    • Susan Moffitt, Co-Principal Investigator
    • Michaela Krug O’Neill, Postdoctoral Research Associate
    • Matthew J. Lyddon, Postdoctoral Research Associate
    • Kristen Essel, Graduate Student Research Assistant
    • Marie Schenk, Graduate Student Research Assistant
    • Parisa Banani, Undergraduate Research Assistant
    • Kimberly Davila, Undergraduate Research Assistant
    • Peter Deegan, Undergraduate Research Assistant
    • Neev Parikh, Undergraduate Research Assistant

    Co-Authors at Other Universities

    • Domingo Morel, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Rutgers University, Newark
    • Kelly B. Smith, Assistant Professor of Political Science, Stetson University
    • Cadence Willse, incoming Postdoctoral Research Fellow, Center on Philanthropy and Civil Society, Stanford University

    Co-Principal Investigators at Other Universities

    Former Research Assistants at Brown

    We acknowledge with thanks the contributions of the following research assistants who have since graduated:

    • Victoria C. Chávez, AB '18, AM '19
    • Felicia Davidson, AB '19
    • Katherine Hancock, AB '19
    • Sarah Newberger, AB '19
    • Timothy Peltier, AB '19
    • Jessica Reisch, AB '19
    • Graham Straus, AB '19
    • Lucille Walke, AB '19
    • Lucas Benjamin, AB '18
    • Yelena Denisenko, SCB '18
    • Kassandra Fotiadis, AB '18
    • Jeremiah Prince AB '17 MPA '18
    • Michele Winter, SCB '18
    • Erika Byun, AB '17
    • Victoria Kidd, MPA '17
    • Rachel Lowenstein, MPA '17
    • Alexandra Mitchell, MPA '16
    • Alberto Morales, MPA '16

    Project Funding