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Academic Network for Development and Inequality Research (ANDIR)

This group of BIARI 2010 alumni have received two grants for a multi-stage project. The first activity was a Network meeting/workshop to develop the concept of a new e-journal that would focus on issues concerning the generation and reproduction of cultural, economic and/or spatial inequalities, from a South-South perspective. In this workshop, the group elaborated on the conceptual design for the e-journal, including its theoretical and empirical scope, its publishing guidelines, and the constitution of its editorial committee.

The second activity was a conference on Development and Inequality in Cuernavaca, Mexico. This conference was the launching of the e- journal and allowed for discussions on its scope and relevance among a larger audience comprising the editorial committee, the advisory board, senior academicians and young scholars, both from within and outside the larger BIARI family. This conference also provided a platform for the canvassing of original papers for the first journal issue.

The third activity involves the acquisition of a web domain as the hosting space for the e-journal. The website will also be designed to host a site devoted to supporting and disseminating wider work on development and inequality: including projects, working papers, seminars, announcements and other academic activities. This site will also host discussion spaces for debates among the academic and policy-making community. The website aims to become the first port of call for work on development and inequality from around the world.

Visit the project website:  http://www.andir-south.org/