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Rana Dasgupta

Published Author & Scholar


Rana Dasgupta was born in the UK in 1971 and grew up in Cambridge. As an adult he lived in France, Malaysia and the US before moving to Delhi in 2000. He is the author of Capital: A Portrait of Twenty-First Century Delhi. In this nonfiction diagnostic of his adopted city, he describes both the splendor and “clubbishness” of a city split into enclaves, colonies, and clan structures, and explains both what distinguishes it from Indian cities that do not have a history of federal politics and what narratives connect it to other emerging megacities across the Global South. Capital follows two critically acclaimed novels: Tokyo Cancelled, a collection of short stories recounted by passengers stuck in Tokyo’s international airport overnight, and Solo, an epic daydream of the 21st century by a century-old Bulgarian man.

Rana Dasgupta was a visiting scholar and lecturer from January to March 2015.