Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs
Climate Solutions Lab

About the Climate Solutions Lab

Starr Plaza, Watson Institute

Mission Statement

The Climate Solutions Lab's mission is to create, learn and distribute solution-oriented climate knowledge at Brown and across the world.

The Lab catalyzes Watson's efforts on questions of international climate politics. Our experts have "climate-adjacent" expertise on issues like energy, trade, gender and finance. We are especially interested in public-facing policy analyses on barriers to progress on climate change at the international level. For instance, what should America's grand strategy be with respect to China in a warming world? How should global trade rules at the World Trade Organization or European Union adapt to climate change to allow for carbon border adjustments? How should Europe adapt its energy system in the wake of Russia's invasion of Ukraine and the threats Europe faces because of its dependence on fossil fuels?

The Lab develops courses for undergraduates at Watson. These include POLS 1435, Politics of Climate Change, and IAPA 1207, Eco-Entrepreneurship. Elsewhere on campus, courses like ENVS 1547, Finance and the Environment, and ECON 1340, Economics of Global Warming, offer students multiple perspectives on climate change.