Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs
Climate Solutions Lab

Politics of Climate Change

University of Louisville

Political Science

Fall 2020

Prof. Rodger Payne

Undergraduate seminar

Readings from Underrepresented groups

Students will develop a thorough understanding of the major political issues related to this
enormous problem. Many important questions are explored:

What does the best scientific evidence suggest about climate change and how is that
evidence employed in public debate?

How can ordinary people come to understand and evaluate the scientific evidence?

Can the international community act to prevent, mitigate or adapt to ongoing climate
change in a timely fashion?

What dilemmas do countries like the U.S., China, and Germany face when deciding
whether to act to prevent, mitigate, or adapt to climate change in a timely fashion?

Will resource scarcities associated with climate change, including likely food and water
shortages, significantly increase the risks of famine, state failure, and/or war?

What political, economic, and social obstacles stand in the way of meaningful action to
address climate change?

What political, economic, and social factors might promote meaningful action?