Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs
Climate Solutions Lab

Climate Futures

RISD and Brown University

Environmental Studies

Fall 2019

Prof. Timmons Roberts

Undergraduate seminar

Documentary Video / Films,Simulations,Readings from Underrepresented groups,Group projects

This course seeks to build a reconstructive environmental sociology of the sustainable transition, incorporating debates from political ecology, critical design studies and energy/technology studies. It will debate the merits of green capitalist and post-capitalist, socio-centric and technocentric visions of the transition away from fossil fuels. We will use current discussions of the Green New Deal as a test case for thinking about how the promise and the pitfalls that pervade a post-carbon politics in the United States. Class will meet on the RISD campus. This seminar will allow for 20 Brown students to register through Brown, and 15 RISD students to register through RISD.