Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs
Climate Solutions Lab

Governing an Environmentally Disrupted World: A Seminar on Sustainable Transistion Strategies

Wilfrid Laurier University

Political Science

Winter 2021

Prof. Simon Dalby


The course will focus on these discussions of how various movements and discourses advocate for sustainable transitions to a post crisis world. It will look at the diagnosis of what the global problems are, how aspirations to a better world are formulated in response and what specific transition strategies are
advocated as a result. It will focus on the discourses of organizations and programs campaigning for particular resolutions to the current global ecological crisis. A key component of these discussions involves strategies, social movements, and related activism to implement these novel policy and political

The first component of the course will focus on the current global ecological context, the debate about the Anthropocene, and its implications for environmental policy loosely construed. Subsequent sections will be led by students, focusing second on the transition discourses, their diagnosis of current governance failures and their aspirational alternatives, and third, on the strategies for their implementation, in terms of policy, institutional reform and related social movement activity, lobbying and political campaigning.