Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs
Climate Solutions Lab

The Unsolved Politics of Climate Change

University of Notre Dame

Political Science


Debra Javeline

Undergraduate seminar

Readings from Underrepresented groups


This graduate seminar is designed for rigorous study of cutting-edge political science research on the global climate crisis. It aims to use the tools of political science to contribute to climate solutions. Each class session, students will read articles and books written by the world’s leading experts on the politics of climate change, identify the main contributions, and most importantly, discuss the remaining gaps in knowledge. The course will focus on determining which knowledge gaps represent the most urgent obstacles for addressing the climate crisis and how to fill those gaps through original research. Graduate students and advanced undergraduates will be expected to produce a draft of a publishable research paper that begins to fill a specific knowledge gap, either solo-authored or co-authored. Undergraduates will also have the option to submit as their main course paper a literature review that draws attention to a specific knowledge gap and explains its urgency. Undergraduates seeking to enroll require permission of the instructor and will be expected to have completed prior coursework or equivalent practical work related to climate change or other environmental issues.