Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs
Climate Solutions Lab

Climate negotiations in practice

Brown University



Alice Plane


Documentary Video / Films,Simulations,Readings from Underrepresented groups,Group projects

Building on IPCC reports and the Paris agreement adopted in 2015, this course aims at enhancing the participants' understanding of the global climate change framework in international relations. It will give students the tools to navigate climate COPs and beyond, understanding the theoretical basis in climate science, history and international relations, as well as putting in practice the art of negotiations while attempting to honestly address possible ways forward.

Learning objectives include:

 To understand what is climate change and to be aware of how transversal it is
 To have a critical and educated opinion on the news you receive about climate change
 To establish a thorough understanding of the current climate governance and its architecture
 To understand the various actors and their respective expectations
 To practice empathy and deepen perspectives by acting out in-class climate negotiations and role-plays
 To expand one’s ability to intervene adequately in multilateral fora
 To build on the diverse perspectives of the course participants
 To have fun while dealing with a very serious issue