Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs

MPH/MPA Sample Schedule

Students in the dual-degree program must complete 20 courses (13 full courses and 7 half courses) as well as an Internship, a Global Policy Experience and a Masters level thesis. The program can be completed in two years, though students can extend the program over a longer period of time. All degree requirements must be met within a five-year period.

Term Course (courses are full credit unless otherwise noted)

Summer 1
NOTE: Begins in
early June with
MPA orientation
See this page for
more information.

Economics for Public Policy (PLCY 2460)  half credit
Introduction to Public Policy (PLCY 2445)  half credit
Communications and Public Policy (PLCY 2015)  half credit
Global Policy Experience  no credit
Fall 1 Epidemiology (PHP 2120 or PHP 2150)
Biostatistics and Applied Data Analysis I (PHP 2507)
Program Evaluation and Policy Analysis (PLCY 2040)
The Politics of Policymaking in Comparative Perspective (PLCY 2055) 

Spring 1
declaration due.

Biostatistics and Applied Data Analysis II (PHP 2508)
Concentration Course
Designing and Evaluating Public Health Interventions (PHP 2360)
Applied Public Health: Systems and Practice (PHP 2071)  half credit
Summer 2 Internship
Fall 2 Concentration Course
Applied Public Health: Policy, Leadership and
Communication (PHP 2072)  half credit
Concentration Course
Concentration Course
Spring 2 Policy Problems of the 21st Century (PLCY 2475)  half credit
Systems Dynamics: Policy Analysis for a Complex World 
(PLCY 2765) half credit
Management and Implementation in Public and
Non-Profit Organizations (PLCY 2160)  half credit
Concentration Course
MPH/MPA Elective