Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs
Alice Heath

Alice Heath

Alice Heath

Adjunct Lecturer in International and Public Affairs

Areas of Interest: Public economics, labor economics, childhood health and education, intergenerational inequality


Alice Heath is completing a PhD in public policy at the Harvard Kennedy School where she is focusing on labor and public economics. She studies how government policies aimed at investing in children’s health and education can reduce poverty and intergenerational inequality. Heath has provided technical assistance to several of Rhode Island’s health and human services agencies in her roles as a fellow and project leader at the Government Performance Lab. She started her career in the UK as a secondary school mathematics teacher, and has taught analytic frameworks and game theory at the Harvard Kennedy School. Heath holds a first class degree in philosophy, politics and economics from the University of Oxford and a Master in Public Policy degree from the Harvard Kennedy School.


MPA 2445 Policy Analysis and Problem Solving