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Transacting Transition

In Transacting Transition, scholars and practitioners with firsthand knowledge of foreign assistance programs recount what happens when democracy goes local, and would-be universal principles like transparency, gender equality, interethnic tolerance and cooperation, run up against particular realities-political agendas, self-interest and memories of conflict.

The contributors focus on the former Yugoslavia, where the 1990s saw an unprecedented investment of time and energy by a host of international organizations in processes of reconstruction and democracy assistance. From first-hand experience with a range of agencies, including USAID’s Office of Transition Initiatives, UNMIK, KFOR, and NGOs such as Mercy Corps International and the Institute for Sustainable Communities, they offer description and analysis of diagnostic cases of international intervention to explore how the mission and vision of "democracy promotion" is enacted on the ground. The essays included emerged from a long collaborative process, which began with our first conference in Palic in 2001, and continued in the workshop at Brown University in 2003.

The principal chapter authors were Jeff Merritt, Dennison Lane, Paul Nuti, Claire Sneed, Sally Broughton-Micova, Clemson Turregano, and Chip Gagnon.

The chapter by Claire Sneed, with an introduction by Keith Brown, can be accessed as a PDF here.

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