Watson Institute at Brown University
Stone Inequality Initiative

In the 2024-2025 academic year the Stone Inequality Initiative is offering an undergraduate fellowship of up to $5,000 for a two semester commitment to support projects investigating the negative impacts of concentrated wealth in the United States. The fellowship is open to students of any discipline. Ten students will be selected for the academic year.

Fellows will be required to attend monthly meetings (food provided) to discuss work with peers. Potential fellows must list a faculty advisor who will support their work during the semester in addition to the guidance provided by Stone Inequality Initiative staff. 

Each fellow must present their work at a capstone event at the end of the Spring semester. Students will be asked to design a poster presentation to be shared at the capstone event. Alternative presentations may be proposed for audio or visual productions.

Our application can be found on uFunds under the title “Stone Inequality Initiative Undergraduate Fellowship 2024-2025.” Applications are due by May 31st and can be found on uFunds.

Please send any inquires to megean_bourgeois@brown.edu.