Watson Institute at Brown University
Development Studies


If I am graduating in December, when should I take DEVL 1980?DEVL1980 is only offered in the Fall, and should be taken when you are actually beginning to research and write your capstone project. In exceptional cases, 6th semester Juniors may take the course, with permission from the DS Advisor and DEVL 1980 instructor.

When should I get a capstone thesis advisor? By mid-semester spring of junior year. The longer you wait, the harder it will be for you to get the advisor you want. Students are required to secure an advisor by no later than the end of junior year, in order to obtain approval for all capstone projects, including the thesis.

Can I get course credit for writing my capstone thesis? DEVL 1990 is an independent study supervised by your capstone project primary advisor. It is designed to give you credit and time to finish your capstone project in the spring semester of your Senior year.

How important is it that I take courses in economics? Economics courses are required, and form an integral part of DS. DS students must take at minimum ECON0110 and ECON0510. More advanced economics students can take ECON1110 and ECON1510 instead of ECON0510. Many students take other relevant upper-level economics courses for DS credit.

Can I take DS concentration courses S/NC? Yes. However, keep in mind that only grades of “A” will contribute towards graduating with honors.

Do I have to take a language? Yes, there is a language requirement for DS. See details of language requirement.

How much credit can I get for courses (including SIT courses) I took abroad? No more than two courses taken abroad can go toward fulfilling your DS requirements.

Can I use an Independent Study for DS concentration credit? Yes. DS concentration credit is permitted for independent study courses on an individual basis. The Concentration Advisor will approve courses for concentration credit on a case-by-case basis.

Do internships undertaken in the United States or abroad count for DS concentration credit? No. While we consider internships to be educational and intellectually rewarding, we do not confer credit for such work. Students may incorporate the internship experience into an independent study, which can potentially be used for concentration credit.

How many courses can I double-count, i.e., use for DS and another concentration? You can double-count a total of two courses with DS.

Can I write one thesis and count it towards DS and another concentration? No. You cannot use the thesis to satisfy a requirement for DS and another concentration.