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International and Public Affairs


The International and Public Affairs concentration comprises 11 courses, including a common core of classes featuring a themed gateway lecture course, junior seminars, senior thesis or capstone seminars, and a qualitative and quantitative methodology course. For the many students interested in language, students can choose to pursue language study as an alternative to one of the two required methodology courses.

Declaring the IAPA Concentration

Students graduating in the years 2022 - 2024 are eligible to declare the IAPA concentration. For more information please see the chart of options.

Total Credits: 11 (12 with Honors Thesis)
See courses page for offerings.

GatewaySelect course from approved list
Track Foundational
Foundational course must correspond to your track.
Foundations of Development, or
Foundations of Policy & Governance, or
Foundations of Security
Track ElectivesMulti-disciplinary elective courses from approved list5
Qualitative Research MethodsDEVL 15001
Quantitative Research MethodsSelect from:
  • APMA 1650
  • CSCI 0300
  • ECON 1620
  • EDUC 1110
  • POLS 1600
  • SOC 1100
Junior SeminarSelect course from approved list1
Research and Writing WorkshopNon-credit bearing, optional but very strongly encouraged 0
Senior CapstoneSenior Seminar from approved list,  or
Senior Honors Thesis Seminar, or
Directed Independent Study
(2, if writing thesis)
LanguageOne of the two methods requirements – either the qualitative or quantitative course – can be substituted by successful completion of a Brown or Brown-approved language course at the 0400 level or above. The upper-level language course must be taken for a grade.0

*ANTH 0110 qualifies as the Foundations of Development course, for those students who have taken it previously.