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Student Leadership and Peer Advising

The DS DUG is an organization led by undergraduate DS concentrators serving the dual purpose of organizing DS-related campus-wide events and advocating for increased university resources to continue the expansion of the DS program.

In recent years, the DS DUG has organized debates, comparative panels, peer academic advising forums, student-faculty socials and mentoring for graduate and career opportunities in development.

Accomplishments of the DS DUG’s campus outreach and advocacy include the expansion of both faculty and course selections, including the permanent creation of the DS Program Director position and DS-specific courses in methodology, economics and a sophomore seminar.

DS DUG 2019-2020

Tabitha Payne '20
Tabitha is a junior from Cambodia, the Philippines, and the United States with a regional focus in Southeast Asia. She is interested in the spiraling regional consequences of the Second Indochina War and the complex relationship between human rights and globalization. Outside of DS, Tabitha reads and writes fiction, teaches yoga with YAM, tutors in a prison with the Petey Greene program, is a member of Amnesty International at Brown, and is on the E-Board of the Southeast Asian Studies Initiative (SEASI).

Annie Phan '20
Annie Phan is a junior from Vietnam, concentrating in Development Studies, with a regional focus on Latin America and thematic focus on social entrepreneurship. She is interested in the sustainable development, the effects of globalization on marginal communities, and the intersection between development, economics, and culture. Outside of DS, she serves on the board of Women Entrepreneurship - Brown Entrepreneur Program's women empowerment chapter, a representative at the IvyCouncil, and the Marketing Director of IvyInspire. 

For more information on upcoming events, getting involved, donating, suggesting or collaborating on an event and receiving peer concentration advising, please contact: dsprogram@gmail.com

Peer Advising 

Peer Advising is central to the DS student community.

Coffee Chats - DS seniors and juniors take first-years and sophomores out to coffee. The upperclassmen provide insight and advice to the underclassmen, as well as providing further mentorship. To request a coffee chat, email dsprogram@gmail.com.

We are implementing several new programs this year including:

Junior Advising - Seniors advise juniors on their DS experience, thesis topics, and thesis advisors. Email dsprogram@gmail.com for more.

Sophomore Advising - Declaring can be difficult - study abroad plans to make, life paths to consider, and ultimately, decisions have to be made! The DS DUG will reach out to sophomores considering DS to provide guidance on these subjects. Email dsprogram@gmail.com for more.