Watson Institute at Brown University
International and Public Affairs

How to Declare IAPA

Students are encouraged to seek advising from a faculty track director with questions about track selection generally and about selecting track electives.

STEP 1: Complete the 2-page IAPA Concentration Form.

    • Refer to the IAPA requirements page for more information.
    • List a course for all 11 requirements plus language.
    • Include courses you've already taken and those you wish to take to fulfill the requirements.
      Note - this is a plan and is not set in stone.

STEP 2: Schedule a meeting with Undergraduate Concentrations Manager Anita Nester

    • The ASK override will be issued at that meeting.

STEP 3: 
Submit your approved course plan in ASK.

    • List all 11 courses, including language courses if applicable, and apply the relevant course tags.
    • If you have not obtained an override code in Step 2, you will not be able to begin the concentration declaration process in ASK. 

STEP 4: Receive confirmation email from ASK

    • Be sure to check your email inbox for this confirmation!
    • The concentration filing process is not complete until you receive confirmation.
    • If you need to make a correction to your course plan you will need to resubmit.