Watson Institute at Brown University
International and Public Affairs


How to File IAPA

Students graduating in the years 2022 - 2024 are eligible to declare the IAPA concentration. For more information please see the chart of options.

  1. Refer to the IAPA requirements page and then complete the 2-page IAPA Concentration Form. Be sure to list a course for all 11 requirements plus language. Include courses you've already taken and those you wish to take to fulfill the requirements.
    For lists of courses refer to: the University BulletinIAPA courses page (for current semester offerings), and courses master list (for all course offerings).
    Note - this is a plan and is not set in stone.
  2. Schedule a meeting with Undergraduate Concentrations Manager Anita Nester, during office hours to review your course plan. An override will be issued at that meeting, and you will also be directed to meet with a concentration track advisor.
  3. Submit your approved course plan in ASK. Be sure to list all 11 courses, including language courses if applicable, and apply the relevant course tags.  If there are errors in the course plan it will be returned for revisions. Don't forget to hit "submit." Note: If you have not obtained an override code in Step 2, you will not be able to begin the concentration declaration process in ASK. 
  4. Receive confirmation email from ASK. Be sure to check your email inbox for this confirmation! The concentration filing process is not complete until you receive confirmation.  If you need to make a correction to your course plan you will need to resubmit.

Track Directors

If at any time you have questions about selecting track electives or would like to discuss track selection generally within IAPA, you should contact a track director. The track directors are Prof. Augsto (Development), Prof. Levitas (Government and Policy), and Prof. Arreguin-Toft (Security)

See the IAPA advising page for their office hours.

Study Abroad Application and Declaring

In order to receive preliminary IAPA approval for study abroad courses, you must first file your IAPA concentration. Alternatively, you can file IAPA and get study abroad approval at the same time. Bring the preliminary approval form from OIP to your meeting with the Program Manager.