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COVID-19, Coronavirus

Watson experts offer political, economic, and disaster preparedness analysis of the current COVID-19 crisis: 

Mark Blyth:

Contact: mark_blyth@brown.edu
Twitter: @MkBlyth

Jeff Colgan:

Contact: jeff_colgan@brown.edu
Twitter: @JeffDColgan

John Friedman:

Contact: john_friedman@brown.edu
Twitter: @John_N_Friedman

Adam Levine:

Contact: adam_levine@brown.edu
Twitter: @adamcarllevine

Catherine Lutz:
Contact: catherine_lutz@brown.edu
Twitter: @Catherine_Lutz

Emily Oster:
Contact: emily_oster@brown.edu
Twitter: @ProfEmilyOster

Wendy Schiller:

Contact: wendy_schiller@brown.edu
Twitter: @profwschiller