Watson Institute at Brown University
Public Policy

Concentration Requirements

Electives: Please see this link for a list of approved electives for the concentration.

Public Policy – 10 courses + capstone

A. Core Courses (5)

Introduction to Public Policy
PLCY 0100

Prerequisite for Ethics course

Economics for Public Policy
 PLCY 1600/ ECON 1110 / 1130 or EDUC 1130

Prerequisite for Program Evaluation course

Ethics and Public Policy
PLCY 1400 

Prerequisite: Introduction to Public Policy

Statistics for Public Policy

POLS 1600 or EDUC 1110 
or ECON 1620 / 1630 or SOC 1100)

Strongly recommended prior to
Policy Analysis and Program Evaluation

Program Evaluation
PLCY 1200 

Prerequisite: Economics for Public Policy
Strongly recommended: Statistics

B. Broad Policy Electives (3)*

Take three courses in three different policy areas.
Examples of some policy areas are listed right.

  • Environmental Policy
  • Government, Law & Ethics
  • Health Policy
  • Social Policy
  • Technology Policy
  • Urban Policy

C. Specialization Policy Electives (2)*

Take two additional courses in one
of the policy areas you chose (total of 3 courses in
one specialization area).

D. Senior Capstone (choose one option)

• Honors Thesis (PLCY 1970: two-semester
  Public Policy Colloquium)
• Independent Study 
• Public Policy Internship 
• Research Assistantship 
• UTRA Assistantship 
• Designated Senior Seminar

Internship, Research Assistantship,
and UTRA Assistantship options can take place
during the summer of your junior year.

Find more details on the capstone page.

*All electives must be at least 1000 level

*Two of your five electives must be listed PLCY Designated. 

*At least one course should focus on international/global policy.