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Sean Casey

Sean Casey

Senior Global Operations Advisor, International Medical Corps

Sean Casey is the Senior Global Operations Advisor for International Medical Corps, a global, humanitarian, nonprofit organization dedicated to saving lives and relieving suffering through health care training and relief and development programs. Casey is responsible for establishing emergency relief operations in the aftermath of natural disasters, conflicts, and disease outbreaks. He also travels to established country programs as needed to provide specialized leadership and support.

Prior to this role, Casey served as Regional Director for West Africa and oversaw International Medical Corps' Ebola response operations in Liberia, Sierra Leone, Guinea, Guinea-Bissau, and Mali - with a team of over 1,600 doctors, nurses, infection control specialists, psychologists, nutritionists, program managers and a wide range of support staff. Casey was the first person deployed to West Africa for International Medical Corps' Ebola Response in early August 2014, and managed the start-up of multiple Ebola Treatment Units that have served over 1,800 patients, a training collaborative to prepare health workers to care for Ebola-positive patients, a Rapid Response Initiative with unique capacity to transport Ebola-positive patients by air or by land, and health system reactivation programing to ensure that communities can access regular health services safely.

Originally from Pennsylvania, Casey is a seasoned humanitarian, having worked on previous emergencies in Ukraine (2014), the Philippines (2013/2014), Mali (2013), South Sudan (2012), and Haiti (2011/2012), among others. In April 2015, Casey was in Nepal when the 7.8 earthquake struck. Casey mobilized medical teams within the next 48 hours and acted as Team Leader for the earthquake response for the next month. Prior to his work on Ebola, Casey worked on several other infectious disease outbreaks, including HIV/AIDS in Africa (Rwanda, Burundi, Nigeria, Cote d’Ivoire, Ghana, Kenya, Ethiopia, and South Sudan), Cholera in Haiti, and Hepatitis E in South Sudan. In addition to emergency response work, Casey has worked extensively on human rights and health across the world, including: LGBT rights and protections in Africa, Asia and the Middle East; post-conflict mental health in Iraq, Jordan and Sri Lanka; child protection in Haiti, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Sri Lanka and Burundi; and economic empowerment in Haiti, Burundi and Sri Lanka.

Casey holds a B.A. in International Communications from the American University of Paris (France - 2004) and an MPhil in HIV/AIDS and Society from the University of Cape Town (South Africa - 2006).