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NEW: Fall 2017 LACA Courses 

CLACS is delighted to announce two courses that will be taught by Visiting Professors in Latin American and Caribbean Studies: 

LACA 1503H: Sexuality, Human Rights and Health: Latin American Perspective and Brazilian Experiences

Taught by Vera Paiva (Craig M. Cogut Visiting Professor of Latin American and Caribbean Studies)

This course is presented in 4 sections. Section 1. Provides an overview on how sexuality and health, both defined by biological paradigms, met social constructionism and human rights perspectives which flourished in Latin America. Section 2. Provides an overview of the human rights based health approach and provide Brazilian cases. Section 3. Provides an overview to the multicultural human rights based approach to sexuality education. Section 4. Expands the dialogical approach of this course by discussing sexuality research and human rights health based interventions in relation with students brought cases.

LACA 1601A: Latin American Literature in an Era of Globalization

Taught by Erica Durante, Visiting Associate Professor of Latin American and Caribbean Studies

This course will explore the impact of globalization on contemporary Latin American Literature. We will analyze novels, short stories and critical discourses produced by Latin American writers in the past thirty years and shed light on how the awareness of the globalized world has transformed writing practices as well as the setting and the construction of narratives. The course will examine the trade-offs associated with the process of globalization, highlighting the beneficial aspects of hypermobility, fluidity, and transnationalism, as well as the dark sides of globalization linked to the rise in inequality and the intensification of narcotrafficking and illegal migration.

Fall 2017 Courses

The following is a partial list of the courses related to Latin America and the Caribbean that are offered to Brown University students.

Do you see a course that isn't listed here but should be included? Send us an email! clacs@brown.edu

Please review course selections with the Latin American and Caribbean Studies Concentration Advisor Jeremy Mumford to ensure that they can be used to fulfill your requirements.

Africana Studies

AFRI 0210 Afro Latin Americans and Blackness in the Americas

AFRI 1210 Afro-Brazilians and the Brazilian Polity

American Studies

AMST 1700K Race in the Americas: A Hemispheric Perspective


ANTH 1650 Ancient Maya Writing

Comparative Literature

COLT 0510F Fidel Castro and Che Guevara: The Men and the Myths

COLT 0610E Crisis and Identity in Mexico

Ethnic Studies

ETHN 1750D Transpacific Asian American Studies

Hispanic Studies

HISP 0200 Basic Spanish

HISP 0300 Intermediate Spanish I

HISP 0400 Intermediate Spanish II

HISP 0500 Advanced Spanish I

HISP 0600 Advanced Spanish II

HISP 0490A Spanish for Health Care Workers

HISP 1371B Sports and Culture in Latin America

HISP 0730 Encounters: Latin America in its Literature and Culture

HISP 0750E Contemporary Social Justice Cinema of the Spanish-Speaking World

HISP 1330G The Mexican Revolution: Film and Literature

HISP 1330T El Amor en Español

HISP 1330Z Tropical Fictions: Geography and Literature in Latin American Culture

HISP 2350E Novela latinomericana contemporánea: Crítica Textual y Ediciones Críticas

HISP 2520 Latin American Existential Literature


HIST 0233 Colonial Latin America

HIST 0637A History of Jews in Brazil

HIST 1310 History of Brazil

HIST 1333 The Mexican Revolution

HIST 1966Q Colonial Encounters and the Creation of Latin America 

Latin American Studies

LACA 1503F Art and the Global City: Buenos Aires, Rio de Janeiro and Mexico City

LACA 1503G Music, Gender + Sexuality LACA

LACA 1601A Latin American Literature in an Era of Globalization


MUSC 0646 Brazilian Choro Ensemble

MUSC 1923 From Cumbia to Carnavalito: Music in the Andean Countries

Political Science

POLS 0820U Drug War Politics

POLS 2300 Latin American Political Thought

Portuguese and Brazilian Studies

POBS 0110 Intensive Portuguese

POBS 0100 Elementary Portuguese

POBS 0400 Writing and Speaking Portuguese

POBS 0610 Mapping Portuguese Speaking Cultures: Brazil

POBS 0850 Comparative Approaches to the Literatures of Brazil and the United States

POBS 1030 Portugese Stylistics: Advanced Language Study and Creative Writing

POBS 2500F Tales of the "Sertão"