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CLACS Interdisciplinary Faculty-Student Reading/Writing Groups

CLACS is proud to announce the four Interdisciplinary Faculty-Student Reading Groups for the 2017-2018 school year:

Women, Violence, and Cultural Production in Contemporary Latin America

This interdisciplinary reading group will reflect on theoretical and artistic responses to forms of violence against women in present-day Latin America. The group will bring together faculty and students from a range of disciplines in the Humanities and Social Sciences. The interdisciplinary endeavor will establish a collaborative research environment in which the participants will benefit from intellectual exchanges based on a broad spectrum of theories and examples of cultural production. Through readings, discussions, and presentations from visiting faculty and artists, the group will consider how scholars and artists represent and challenge ongoing conditions of violence in Latin America.

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Podcast feat. Conveners Erica Durante & Elizabeth Gray - Interview by Margot Cohen '18

Reflection Blog Post by Reading Group Participant Emily Sun '18

Contact Erica Durante (erica_durante@brown.edu) for more information.

Colombian Reading Group

The Colombian Reading Group aims at bringing together fellow Colombians as well as anyone academically or personally interested in Colombia. Thematically, and in order to attract as many members as possible and create an inter-disciplinary network of peers, the group will not be limited to one specific field of study. Instead, it will include (but not be limited to) readings and discussions around history, literature, arts, and current politics. Our ultimate goal is to foster awareness regarding Colombia and create spaces for productive knowledge-sharing and debate.

Our discussions will focus on exploring new narratives as Colombia is facing a historical moment for reimaging a country without violence and war. The questions both put at the center the aftermath of the war and the ways in which the arts can help to process its dark pasts. How do we imagine Colombia beyond stories of fear, displacement, and hopelessness without disavowing them? What can literature and the arts tell us about healing and remembering after a conflict? How can it help visibilize other forms of violence that have been erased, ignored or forgotten?

Contact Maria Paula Garcia (maria_paula_garcia_mosquera@brown.edu) for more information.

The On-Going Crisis in Brazil

The Brazil Faculty/Student Reading Group will examine the ongoing political, social, economic, and cultural crisis that has swept the country in the aftermath of the impeachment of President Dilma Rousseff in 2016. We plan to draw on articles in political science, anthropology, sociology, economics, history, the humanities, and the mainstream press to analyze the nature of the crisis and the ways that different social actors have responded. We will also study the series of political, social, and economic reforms proposed by the Temer government, as well as consider the pre-electoral situation as the country gears up for the 2018 presidential election. While also taking advantage throughout the year of the presence of visiting scholars sponsored by the Brazil Initiative, we plan to invite to Brown a specialist in the social sciences to join us in the spring 2018 sessions of the Study Group.

First meeting: "The Future of the PSDB" Wednesday, Oct. 25, 6:00 - 8:00 pm, Kim Koo Library at the Watson Institute 

Readings: (1) Sérgio Fausto, "Crise do PT dá oportunidade ao PSDB para reencontrar sua identidade." (2015), (2) Celso Barros, "O giro do PSDB no espectro político e o deslocamento do PT." (2015)

Please RSVP to Andre Pagliarini <Andre_Pagliarini@brown.edu> if you are planning to come.

Interdisciplinary Migration Studies 

The Interdisciplinary Migration Working Group is a space for faculty and students across Brown's campus whose work examines issues of international and internal migration to gather, share work, and build research partnerships. Drawing from research in the social sciences and humanities, this group provides a space for colleagues from different disciplines to gather and share work. The working group will also serve as a venue to workshop scholarly work and space for building cross-disciplinary networks of individuals interested in the topic of migration. Our intent is that this space will also lead to the submission of interdisciplinary grant applications and other forms of collaboration in the future. We will meet three times per semester throughout the 2017-2018 academic year, over a light lunch, where faculty members and graduate students can present their work. Each meeting will have two presenters and two discussants. 



December 6

Nicole Kreisberg, Sociology

January 31

Ben Bellman, Sociology

February 28

Jerome Marston, Political Science

March 21

Yun Zhou, PSTC and Lynette Arnold, Anthropology

April 25

Kevin Escudero, American and Ethnic Studies and Almita Miranda, CSREA

May 16

Bryan Moorefield, Anthropology

Contact Nicole Kreisberg (nicole_kreisberg@brown.edu) for more information.