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Watch webcast of "Brazil's Model of Low Carbon Sustainable Development" conference

Friday, April 17 –
Saturday, April 18, 2015

Joukowsky Forum, Watson Institute, 111 Thayer Street.


We are proud to announce that the conference "Brazil's Model of Low Carbon Sustainable Development," held on April 17 and 18 was a success! At 900 views, the conference was the most viewed event of the semester at Watson Institute and was one of the top topics trending on Twitter in Providence this past week. We urge you to continue to learn more about Brazil through amazing events like these here at the Brazil Initiative. 

Brown University convened an international symposium to discuss Brazil’s approach to low carbon sustainable development with a focus on territorial planning and international negotiations in the face of climate change.  This exciting symposium brought together cutting edge natural and social scientific research with discussions of current and future policy.  Research presentations covered regional climate change in Brazil; land use change and deforestation; and environmental, agricultural, and forest policy and governance.  Discussion panels provided a forum for scholars and policymakers to reflect on management of Brazilian territory for agriculture, forest, and other uses; and on Brazil’s role in international climate change negotiations.  Participants came from the government, universities, and NGOs across Brazil, and from universities in the US and Canada.

Friday, April 17, 2014

9:00-9:30        Welcome

Sonia Feigenbaum, Associate Provost for Global Engagement, Brown University

James N. Green, Carlos Manuel de Cespedes Professor of Modern Latin American History and Portuguese and Brazilian Studies, Director of the Brazil Initiative

Leah K. VanWey, Associate Professor of Sociology and Environment & Society, Senior Deputy Director of the Institute at Brown for Environment and Society

Luiz Martinelli, Professor Titular da Universidade de São Paulo, Centro de Energia Nuclear na Agricultura, Campus de Piracicaba

9:30-11:00      Research Panel: Mapping and Monitoring the Landscape

                        Chair: Marcia Macedo, Woods Hole Research Center

Paulo Moutinho – Instituto de Pesquisa Ambiental da Amazônia

“Reaching Zero Deforestation in the Brazilian Amazon: What is Missing?”

Holly Gibbs – University of Wisconsin

"Mapping and Monitoring Rancher and Slaughterhouse Response to the Zero-Deforestation Cattle Agreements"

Raoni Rajão – Federal University of Minas Gerais,

“Looking but Not Seeing? The ‘Potentiality’ and ‘Actuality’ of the Rural Environmental Registry (CAR) in the Brazilian Amazon”

Paulo Barreto – IMAZON

“How Can One Develop the Rural Economy without Deforesting the Amazon?”

11:00-11:15    Coffee Break

11:15-12:30    Research Panel: Regional Climate Change and Agriculture, Part I

                        Chair: Stephen Porder, Brown University

Avery Cohn – Tufts University

“Climate Risk in Brazilian Agriculture”

Michael Coe – Woods Hole Research Center

“Hydro-Climatological Consequences of Deforestation and Forest Degradation in the Amazon Agricultural Frontier”

Marcos Costa – Federal University of Viçosa

“Effects of Tropical Deforestation on Climate and Agriculture in Brazil”

12:30-1:30      Lunch

1:30-3:00        Research Panel: Regional Climate Change and Agriculture, Part II

                        Chair: John Mustard, Brown University

Jung-Eun Lee – Brown University

“Will Forests Grow Back after Deforestation?”

Katia Fernandes – International Research Institute for Climate and Society, Columbia University

“Importance of Decadal Variability for Climate Change Assessments in the Amazon”

Peter Goldsmith – University of Illinois

“"Tropical Grain Production Efficiency and Environmental Implications"

Marcos Buckeridge – University of São Paulo

“Sugarcane as a Bioenergy Source: History, Performance, Policies and Perspectives of Second-Generation Bioethanol in Brazil”

3:00-3:30        Coffee Break 

3:30-5:00        Discussion Panel: Territorial Planning under Climate Change

                        Chair: Leah K. VanWey, Brown University

Britaldo Soares-Filho – Federal University of Minas Gerais

Luiz Martinelli – University of São Paulo

Susanna Hecht – University of California, Los Angeles

Reynaldo Victoria – FAPESP

Saturday, April 18, 2014

9:00-9:45        “The Evolution of Environmental Policy from Lula to Dilma”

Kathryn Hochstetler – University of Waterloo

9:45-10:15      Coffee Break

10:15-12:00    Research Panel: Environmental Institutions and Incentives

                        Chair: Avery Cohn, Tufts University

Salo Coslovsky – New York University

“How Enforcement Becomes Compliance: Regulating Cattle-ranching in the Amazon”

Alex Pfaff – Duke University

"Why We Should Integrate Forest Conservation With Development”

Virgilio Viana – Fundação Sustentavél Amazonas

"Holes in South-South Cooperation on the Promotion of Low Carbon and Sustainable Development"

Lisa Rausch – University of Wisconsin

“Successes and Challenges of Brazil’s Soy Moratorium”

12:00-1:00      Lunch, Watson Institute Library, 3rd floor

1:00-3:00        Discussion Panel: Leader or Spoiler: Where next for Brazil's Climate Policy?

                        Chair: J. Timmons Roberts, Brown University

Eduardo Viola – University of Brasília

Natalie Unterstell – Office of the President

Carlos Rittl – Brazil’s Climate Observatory

Kathryn Hochstetler – University of Waterloo

3:00                 Conference Closing