Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs
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Douglas Belchior - Uneafro-Brasil: Education and the Struggle for Equality and Social Justice

Monday, November 6, 2017

6:00pm – 8:00pm

Joukowsky Forum, Watson Institute, 111 Thayer Street

Douglas Belchior will speak about Uneafro-Brasil, an educational organization of which he is the founder, to examine the potential for radical education to fuel social change and advance the cause of racial justice.

Douglas Belchior holds a degree in History from PUC-SP, is a State Public School Teacher; Founder and teacher for the Uneafro-Brasil Movement; speaker and lecturer on the subjects of the "History of Social Struggles in Brazil", "The Racial Question in Brazil" and "Human Rights"; is a columnist of Social Struggles at the Jornal da TVT - TV dos Trabalhadores (Workers TV); and a participant in formation of the Front for Racial Quotas in the State of São Paulo and of the articulations of the Black Movement against the Genocide of the Black Population in Brazil. He has won many prizes for his teaching and activism including the following:

Prêmio Almerinda Farias Gama – Smpir – Prefeitura de São Paulo, 2017 – Matéria | Materia2

Prêmio Zumbi dos Palmares – S.O.S. Racismo – Assembleia Legislativa do Estado de São Paulo, 2016 – Matéria | Fotos

Prêmio Dr. Benedicto Galvão – OAB-SP, 2015 – Matéria | Vídeo

Prêmio Movimento Nacional de Direitos Humanos, 2015

Prêmio Virada Sustentável-Catraca Livre, 2014