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Trending Globally: China’s Mission to the Moon, and the New Politics of Space Exploration

Between the presidential election, spikes in the coronavirus pandemic, and the beginning of mass vaccination, you might have missed this other world-historical event: China landed on the moon.

On this episode, Watson’s Director Ed Steinfeld talks about China’s lunar mission with Watson Faculty Fellow Jim Head. Jim is a Professor of Geological Sciences at Brown, and a leading expert on interplanetary exploration. They discuss the science and politics of China’s growing space program, and what it means for human space exploration in the 21st century. They also look at why this next generation of space travel will be nothing like the Cold War ‘space race,’ and a little bit about where exactly Elon Musk fits in, too.

China Initiative Awards for Graduate Students and Faculty

The China Initiative is pleased to announce three new funding opportunities for Brown University graduate students and faculty: Graduate Research Awards, Awards for Graduate Language Study, and Faculty Research Awards.

Yifeng Troy Cai MA, MS

Student Spotlight: Yifeng Troy Cai MA, MS

PhD candidate Yifeng Troy Cai MA, MS receives China Initiative Dissertation Award.


China Initiative Research Seminar

A forum for the presentation of cutting-edge social science research on contemporary China. The seminar particularly encourages the presentation of research work-in-progress.

China Initiative Distinguished Speaker Series

A forum for world renown scholars and practitioners to reflect on China’s modernization experience – past, present, and future.