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A Sampling of Courses on Contemporary China at Brown

Political Science:

Edward Steinfeld, POLS1290 “The Rise of China”

Edward Steinfeld, POLS2260 “Comparative Politics and China”

Edward Steinfeld, POLS2270 “Political Economy of Industrial Development"

Ashutosh Varshney, POLS1821O “Politics of Economic Development in Asia”


Aaron Weisbrod, ECON 1510 “Economic Development"

Louis Putterman, ECON 1590 "Economy of China Since 1949"


Julia Chuang, SOC1870P “Explaining China’s Rise: Development and Accumulation in Contemporary China”

John Logan, SOC2960R “Urbanization in a Global System”

John Logan, SOC1330 “Remaking the City”


Katherine Mason, ANTH1111 “Anthropology of China”

American Studies:

Elena Shih, AMST1600B “Global China: Flows, Forces, Friction


Rebecca Nedostup, HIST1503 “China Pop: The Social History of Chinese Popular Culture”

Rebecca Nedostup, HIST1571 “The Making of Modern East Asia”

Cynthia Brokaw, HIST1976N “Popular Protest and Social Justice in China”

Cynthia Browaw, HIST1976E “Women and Gender Relations in China”

East Asian Studies:

Lingzhen Wang, EAST1950B “Chinese Women, Gender, and Feminism from Historical and Transnational Perspectives”

Lingzhen Wang, EAST1950G “Market Economy, Popular Culture, and Mass Media in Contemporary China”

Lingzhen Wang, EAST1270 “China Through the Lens: History, Cinema, and Critical Discourse”