Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs
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2018-19: Collaboration, conversation and exploration

The past year has been an eventful one, to say the least. To help make sense of the world, the Watson Institute hosted and co-sponsored a steady stream of lectures, panel discussions, and conferences. Leading scholars and practitioners, dignitaries and activists offered commentary, analysis and reflection on an array of pressing and historic issues, from mass incarceration and the opioid crisis in the United States to neonationalism and elections across the globe.

The Politics in Action series offered exploration and analysis of real-world situations.

An Inside Look at Election Coverage
Before the Midterms
Right-Wing Movements and Neo-Nationalism in Central Europe
From Brown to Congress
America's Climate Change Conference

Diplomats, politicians, and scholars offered their expertise and perspective as Watson Distinguished Speakers.

John Kerry ─ Every Day is Extra
The Governor Frank Licht '38 Lecture with U.S. Senator Elizabeth Warren
James Forman, Jr. '88 ─ Locking Up Our Own
A Conversation with Jim Yong Kim '82, Vice Chairman and Partner at Global Infrastructure Partners
Joy Reid on Media, Politics, and 2020
John Hazen White Sr. Lecture – Reihan Salam – One-nationism and the Future of American Politics
Congresswoman Tulsi Gabbard ─ Build, Don't Bomb: A New American Foreign Policy
Ambassador Anthony Quainton ─ Mission Impossible? Managua and Washington in the Early Years of Sandinista Power: Part of Conference on Nicaragua 1979 - 2019: The Sandinista Revolution After 40 Years

Global and Collaborative Conversations provided historical and contemporary frameworks for understanding cultures and crises around the world.

50 Years Since 68: The Global and the Local
Pakistan Elections Across Disciplines: A Teach-In and Discussion Forum
Opioids and Public Health: History, Problem-Solving, and Research Challenges
G30 - Banking Conduct and Culture, A Permanent Mindset Change
Challenges to Brazilian Democracy Conference
The Long Roots of Indian Capitalism: The Indian Ocean as a Framework