Watson Institute for International and Public Affairs

Strengthening Partnerships and Capacities of National Actors in North Darfur State

April 17, 2018 | North Darfur State, Sudan

Funded through the HI² Training Seed Grant Program, El Azhar Training Center in partnership with the Humanitarian Aid Commission in North Darfur organized a one-day roundtable discussion on strengthening partnerships and capacities of national actors in North Darfur State, Sudan. The discussion focused on raising awareness and strengthening national capacities to better understand and manage crises as a means for building resiliency to shocks. Topics discussed included Early Recovery and Development Concepts, New Ways of Working, Humanitarian-Development Nexus Approach, and Livelihoods Programming. The event brought together 18 staff from local partners, representing policy makers and programmers. Participants spent considerable time in group discussion and articulated obstacles which prevent national partners from playing influential functions in the transition from lifesaving interventions to recovery and long-term development programming. Participants reported that the discussion increased their knowledge on early recovery and development concepts, enhanced their ability to implement humanitarian development nexus approach, and strengthened their partnerships with international actors working in recovery and development. This training session was led by HI² International Fellow, Hashim SAAD (UN OCHA, Darfur, Sudan) and Abdul Jabbar Abdullah Fuddle (University of El Fasher).

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